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Case Studies

Case Studies

Dr. Sheps is at the forefront of the latest advancements in healing and technology. Here are just a few specific examples of how treatments have helped some relieve pain and return to top-form.

Leroy Dixon, Male Olympic American Sprinter

Three weeks after stress fracture, American sprinter, Leroy Dixon, miraculously heals using Diolase 10™ laser therapy treatments and qualifies for the Olympics 100 meter dash.

Exam: Before
Exam: After
  • Presented with right medial ankle pain
  • Plain film Xrays in office revealed developing stress fracture of the distal fibula (Scan).
  • Same day MRI impression was stress fracture of distal fibular diaphysis (Scan).
  • Show MRI Image
  • 15 Treatments between June 2 and June 23, 2008
  • Qualified for Olympic 100 meter Dash (9.9 seconds) on June 27th, 2010.

Carmelita Jeter, Female American Sprinter

With four Diolase 10™ laser treatments, 30-year-old Jeter is symptom free and goes on to win the 4 x 1 US Relay Team at the Penn Relays & the 100 meter at the Jamaica Invitational.

  • Presented with right ankle and foot pain 13 days from injury lunging at finish line at the National Indoor Championships.
  • Had been receiving ice, ultrasound and traditional physiotherapy.
  • Plain film Xrays were unremarkable
  • MR impression DDX = 2.1 cm ganglion cyst vs. septated synovial cyst extending posteriorly from subtalar/tibiotalar joints.
  • Treatment 4x per week, total of 9 treatments at 12,000 J, no other modalities
  • Was symptom free within 4 treatments
  • Stayed cautious during early training sessions.
  • Competed and won on 4x1 US Relay Team at the Penn Relays and won 100 meter (10.8) at Jamaica Invitational.
  • Plans to continue maintenance treatment.

Mattie Larson, U.S. Gymnast

With weekly Diolase 10™ laser treatments, 17-year-old Mattie Larson bounces back from compound injury and wins the Cover Girl Championship and places 1st on floor routine and 2nd all around in the Professional National Championship.

  • Made Olympic team, had beaten Shaun Johnson and Nastia on Floor Routine and was injured on the beam and not allowed to compete further.
  • Flew home on Sunday night and came to office following day.
  • Examined radiographically and sent out for MRI. Impression confirmed small incomplete fracture/contusion of navicular and stress reaction of MID 2nd metatarsal on the right foot.
  • Focal bone contusion of navicular, stress reaction of MID 2nd metatarsal and moderate tibiotalar joint effusion of left foot.
  • Treated 3 x per week with Diolase 10 for 4 weeks, wheel chair for two weeks, bilateral boots for 4 weeks followed by 2X per week for 4 weeks, then laser as needed.
  • Competed again on 9-14-2009 at full intensity.

Pam Sussman, Diagnosed With Multiple Sclerosis

After Diolase 10™ laser treatments, Sussman’s MS pain, numbness and toe curling symptoms disappear.

  • Diagnosed with MS in 2004
  • Treatment at USC under Dr. Leslie Weiner
  • Pain, Numbness and Tingling in left hand, toes curling affecting ability to walk.
  • Sister, a patient recommended Dr. Sheps
  • All symptoms gone after treatment

Robert "Bo" Welch, Tennis Player

After only THREE Diolase 10™ laser treatments for lower back pain, 55-year-old Bo Welch is pain free and has no reoccurrences.

  • Unretractable lower back pain following tennis game
  • Initiated treatment same day
  • MRI Impression: copy worse ever seen by me
  • No response after first treatment
  • 50% improvement after second treatment
  • Third treatment — Pain free
  • Never reoccurred

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