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Drug-Free Osteoporosis Treatment Program. Try our innovative natural approach without pharmaceuticals.

The Osteoporosis Program

Are you one of the 44 million Americans who unknowingly suffers from the silent disease osteoporosis?

Do you know you may be at risk for debilitating fractures which could be fatal?

Osteoporosis is Both Reversible and Preventable.

At Pacific Coast Sports Medicine we specialize in Regenerative Orthopedics. We maximize the body's own healing power with its built-in tools. Our cutting-edge osteoporosis program can reverse or prevent bone loss.

Goals of the Program

  • Restore bone mineral density
  • Utilize safe, effective methods
  • Require only minimal time investment
  • Increase balance and coordination

Assessment Tools

  • Individual consultation
  • Free bone density ultrasound
  • DEXA bone density analysis
  • FRAX fracture risk assessment
  • Blood analysis

Individualized Treatment Plans

  • Objective assessment
  • Specialized equipment
  • Exercise recommendations
  • Bone-enhancing supplements

Nutrition and Supplements

  • Bone-building supplements
  • Individualized plan
  • Specific acute and maintenance products
  • Osteoporosis risk-reduction diet recommendations

While there are multiple factors that contribute to osteoporosis, our program is designed to reverse osteoporosis without pharmaceuticals.



  • Training to reduce risk of falls and fractures
  • Enhances proprioceptive feedback
  • Improves muscle control, reflexes, reaction

Power Plate

Power Plate

  • Safe vibrating platform
  • Stimulates new bone growth
  • Activates muscle contractions
  • Research-proven


bioDensity, the cornerstone

  • Non-impact isometric resistance
  • Patient-controlled bone loading
  • Extremely safe
  • Research-proven density gains

Be proative — come in for a free consultation and bone density ultrasound!

Medicare & PPO Insurance Accepted

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