Footmaxx orthotics turn your ordinary shoes into custom footwear designed to benefit EVERYONE, from weekend warriors to competitive athletes.

Customized to Fit Your Individual Needs

Our protocol for orthotics (devices used to alter or modify foot function) includes the use of Footmaxx’s technologically advanced, custom-made inserts. These are trademarked treatments used to adjust and support various biomechanical foot disorders and lower extremity conditions such as shin splints, leg length discrepancies, back pain, heal spurs, Achilles tendonitis, sore calves, knee problems and Ilio Tibial Band Syndrome.

What sets us apart from other orthotics out on the market is our advanced technological gate analysis. Using our medical grade pressure plate scanner, we perform a gate analysis by taking measurements as you walk across the plate. This information provides us with an impression of your foot that shows any misalignments in the foot structure. These exact and precise measurements are then used to custom design your orthotic, which in tern will assist in correcting these misalignments and balance out abnormalities.

Footmaxx orthotic custom innersoles replace your current shoe’s insert, guaranteeing that your individual needs are addressed. Footmaxx offers a wide range of orthopedic products including orthotics for individuals with diabetes, dress shoes for men and women, as well as products geared toward each specific sport. The overall goal of our orthotic therapy is to normalize the biomechanical patterns of the feet, offering you relief, comfort and control.